Pomelo, a cryptocurrency and fintech company debuts in Chile

Pomelo, the Argentine fintech powerhouse founded by industry stalwarts from Mercado Pago, Naranja X, and Mastercard, marks its entry into Chile, signaling its commitment to expanding its fintech empire across the region. As part of its ambitious strategy, Pomelo collaborates with Bitypreço and Biscoint, two of Brazil’s leading cryptocurrency players, and is unveiling the Bitybank Crypto Card, which empowers customers to seamlessly purchase Brazilian natural, bitcoin, and various other cryptocurrencies while offering cashback incentives to new users.

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Nigeria’s Remedial Health raises US$12M to deliver financial services for neighbourhood pharmacies

August 3, 2023

Remedial Health, a Nigerian startup digitizing pharmacies and bringing efficiency to the pharmaceutical value chain, has raised US$12 million Series A equity-debt funding to scale operations in the West African country. Fintech VC firm QED Investors co-led the round, banking on embedded financial opportunities like payments and lending in the pharmaceutical sector.

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Mexico’s ConfiAbogado raises USD$1.65M to improve access to legal services in LATAM

August 3, 2023

The Mexico City-based legal tech company, ConfiAbogado, has secured USD $1.65 million in seed funding, to expand its reach and enhance the accessibility of legal services across Latin America. ConfiAbogado plans to offer high-volume legal solutions at reduced costs to provide value to people with legal needs through the combination of technology and law. This funding illustrates the growing importance of tech startups in Latin America and the potential for digital transformation in the legal sector.

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Salesforce Buys for Automated Customer Service

September 22, 2023

Salesforce is buying, which builds low-code, AI-powered e-commerce customer service agents.  You might have thought Salesforce could already do that, but presumably Airkit does it better.  It doesn’t hurt that the company founders sold a previous business to Salesforce, the company was partly funded by Salesforce Ventures, and the product is already listed on AppExchange.  Price was not announced.

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