PrivatizeMe Adds Mac-Based Anti-Tracking Add-On

Is realistic cross-channel attribution finally becoming possible? Not so fast: it depends heavily on data that consumers don’t necessarily want to share. PrivatizeMe offers privacy-minded consumers a browser add-on that clears cookies and scrambles device fingerprints. They had a PC version and just added one for Mac. They use some serious scare language “Consumers are constantly being tracked by untrusted websites and their marketing partners, including data brokers who generate billions of dollars a year by stalking users and creating profiles. Users are then targeted based on their spending, searching or social media behavior by these untrusted sites and they see targeted content and can even be up-charged.”

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Pitney Bowes Bulks Up Parcel Shipping Assets with Newgistics Acquisition

September 7, 2017

Pieces on a chess board or deck chairs on the Titanic? Either way, lots of marketing assets are being rearranged. We’ll start with Pitney Bowes’ purchase of Newgistics, which specializes in parcel shipping for online and offline retailers. It’s a natural extension of Pitney Bowes’ postal and customer data technology businesses, and a reminder that grand changes in the retail economy create opportunities for supporting services.

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Fast Response More Important Than Customer Knowledge: CMO Council Survey

September 5, 2017

Maybe consumers aren’t as demanding as we all thought. A survey from the CMO Council found that by far the most commonly attribute mentioned for exceptional customer experience was fast response time (52%). Recognizing the customer’s history at every touchpoint trailed far behind at 12%. One quarter of customers said every touchpoint is already relevant and personalized while another 38% said brands are “almost there”. Happy campers indeed.

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Independent Grocer Is First to Deploy Amazon Just Walk Out Technology

December 7, 2022

Here’s a retail story that doesn’t involve a media network – but don’t worry, it does feature Amazon, AI, and Kansas City.  Independent retailer Community Groceries will be the first non-Amazon company to deploy the Amazon One entry gate and Amazon’s Just Walk Out checkout technology.  Amazon One grants entry after reading your palm or credit card, while Just Walk Out tracks what customers put in their cart and charges for it.  O brave new world.

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