Publicis Groupe Buys Ecommerce Analytics Platform Profitero for €200 Million

The folks at agency holding company Publicis Groupe no doubt care about security, but their latest acquisition is ecommerce analytics software company Profitero. It’s unusual for an ad agency to own straight-up commercial software, but Publicis must have decided that Profitero’s predictive analytics for product, content, search, pricing, and other decisions is worth the reported €200 million ($210 million) price.

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40% of Media Investments Are Ineffective: Measurement Analysis

May 5, 2022

For one brief, if delusional, moment, marketers thought adtech had made accurate performance measurement a reality.  Loss of third-party cookies and device IDs shattered the illusion.  The gold-standard alternative has always been controlled experiments to measure incremental results, but that’s been too hard to execute.  Measured just raised $21 million to make it easier.  On average, they find 40% of media investments are ineffective.

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Marketers to Focus on Platforms Not Ad Channels in 2023: IAB Survey

November 29, 2022

This IAB study finds that connected TV and paid search are expected to be the fastest-growing ad channels next year, while linear TV and other traditional media continue to shrink.  More intriguing: marketers are focusing more investment on foundational tools like measurement and first party data, and less on specific ad channels.  Download for deep dives into retail media networks and the metaverse.

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