Relationship Intelligence Platform Affinity Remains of

B2B relationship intelligence platform Affinity has purchased Toronto-based, a somewhat-similar product which shut down in January. Nudge closed its doors when they still had enough money in the bank to pay off all creditors and return a bit to investors. Did I mention they’re Canadian?

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Marketers Make the Best of COVID-19

March 13, 2020

Many marketers are taking advantage of COVID-19 as tactfully as they can. Companies announcing free or expanded services to support home workers include Zoom (video conferencing), Microsoft (collaboration), Google (videoconferencing), Evolve IP (collaboration), StarLeaf (video conferencing), Vidyo (video conferencing) Oneclick (remote access) , Odo (remote access) and Trustifi (email encryption) Further afield, Cappasity is offering its 3-D online demo software to large retailers and, perhaps most creative, CampTek has built a bot to manage conference cancelations

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