Reltio Offers Six Months Free for CDP-ish MDM

Reltio is yet another company straddling the border of CDP-land. Their roots are in master data management (MDM) but their “connected data platform” can handle transaction and interaction data as well as the identifiers at the core of traditional MDM. They’ve just offered a six-month free subscription and $100,000 in services to qualified prospects who are interested in switching from an on-premises MDM tool to Reltio’s SaaS system.

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Cisco: Remote compliance a priority as companies anticipate remote workforce long term

November 17, 2020

Cisco’s survey of 3,000 IT execs from 21 regions globally indicates a significant number – 46% in America, and 34% in both Asia Pacific Japan, and Greater China (APJC) and Europe, expect remote work started during the pandemic to continue after. As a result security and worker compliance is a key concern, according to 85% of respondents and 59% say employeed training and awareness is their biggest challenge.

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Google Kills FLoC, Runs Out of Bird Metaphors, Offers Topics API

January 26, 2022

Google has given up on its FLoC cookie-less targeting initiative, which faced insurmountable privacy objections. The replacement, which mercifully does not reference anything bird-related, is Topics API, which will offer three recent interests for each individual based on sites they have recently visited.  The loss in targeting and tracking power is so huge that you wonder if Google is purposely showing what tighter privacy is costing the industry. Or maybe they’re just kneecapping competitors.

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