Retail Media Spend Nearly as Large as Linear TV in 2022: dunnhumby Report

Retail media has quickly moved from quirky curiosity to major channel.  If you’ve been avoiding the topic, this dunnhumby report offers a good way to catch up.  The report says retail media could be worth $50 billion this year, putting it in the same ballpark as direct mail ($43 billion) and linear TV ($63 billion)

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Large Organizations Use Average of 367 Applications: Forrester Report

March 27, 2023

I can’t bring myself to lead with yet another generative AI story, so we’ll start instead with this Forrester report for Airtable, which found that organizations have lots of software applications.  The average is 367 in use at large organizations, with teams using an average of 45 daily and individuals using an average of 52 weekly.  No surprise here but a good reminder of why data integration is so important.

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