Retailer Trackers Spread Wider Nets

Yesterday’s little experiment with multiple items in one entry seemed to work so I’ll try another. The Shoptalk 2017 conference this week prompted a flurry of retail news. Most interesting was expansion of the DynamicAction retail decisioning system to include offline as well as online data. DynamicAction covers all retail decisions, not just marketing, although its focus is on recommending the best customer treatments. It shows why marketing needs to integrate with everything else.  By contrast, Point Inside works only between store walls, sending mobile app messages to shoppers based on in-store location. They’ve just started using historical shopping information to guide recommendations. Still in the real world but just barely, Orbital Insight uses satellite data to count cars in retailers’ parking lots and thus estimate in-store traffic. They’ve expanded to more than 100 retailers and 200,000 locations. They also use satellites to track oil storage, water reserves, agriculture, poverty, and the Chinese economy.