Roku Launches Individual-Level Ad Targeting

I won’t call Roku one of those companies that sneakily collect your data. But they did just launch platform that targets Internet TV, Web and mobile ads based on Roku’s ability to identify their users. You consented to that, right?

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Programmatic Ad Supply Chain is Impenetrably Complex: ISBA and PwC Study

May 8, 2020

Finally, UK ad trade group ISBA and PwC have conclusively proven that adtech is a hot mess. After two years of work, PwC media experts and data scientists could only map 12% of 267 programmatic million impressions from advertisers to publishers and couldn’t account for 15% of total spend. They did find that publishers receive just half the money paid by advertisers. Brilliantly illustrating the obvious, they conclude “this supply chain complexity seems unlikely to be consistently in the best interests of market participants.”

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