SafeGraph Raises $45 Million Series B for Location Data

By total coincidence, Verizon Media is the very first company listed as a client on SafeGraph’s Web site.  SafeGraph sells foot traffic and other data about more than 6.4 million locations in the U.S. and Canada.  They just raised a $45 million Series B, bringing their total to $61 million.

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Science Proves the Purchase Experience Outweighs Relationships and Brand Image: Havas Study

March 16, 2021

The fun-loving data department at Havas applied linear regression to 19,000 surveys with 30+ questions about 150 brands in three countries.  The result was unusually solid data on what drives satisfaction with customer experience.  Answers differ by country but for U.S. consumers the weights were 48% purchase experience, 29% relationship, and 23% brand image.  The idea is the weights should help allocate investments to the most effective projects.

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