Salesforce Renames Its CDP and Adds Features

Salesforce has announced a bundle of CDP enhancements, including abilities to capture and react to near-real-time events, to retain data from anonymous profiles when customers identify themselves, and to use AI-based fuzzy matching for identity resolution.   They’ve also renamed several products, including their Salesforce CDP (now “Customer Data Platform”) and Datorama (now simply “Intelligence”).  They announced a lot of non-CDP news but who reads that?

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Personlization Isn’t as Good as Companies Think: Twilio Segment Report

April 8, 2022

Digital engagement programs earn high rewards, even though companies overestimate the quality of their personalization, according to this data-rich Twilio Segment report.  Revenue increased an average of 70% among firms that invested in digital customer engagement in the past two years.  But while 27% of companies believe they deliver excellent personalized experiences, only 7% of consumers agree.  Also, companies underestimate consumers’ interest in privacy and transparency.  Lots more here.

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