SALESmanago Adds Features to Collect Data, Save Planet

We all know that CDPs are great, but did you know that they can also fight global warming? So say our friends at SALESmanago, who quote research that finds consumers worry about the environmental impact of ad consumption and cite ways that detailed data collected directly from customers can reduce carbon footprints by eliminating waste and “turn eCommerce into ECOmmerce”. I swear they really wrote that.

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Via.Delivery Finds BOPA Is Booming

February 11, 2022

You can add BOPA to your buzzword bingo card.  Via.Delivery coined the term Buy Online Pickup Anywhere to describe an ecommerce order delivered to a commercial pickup location instead of the buyer’s home.  Somehow the practice has blossomed even without a snappy acronym: the company says nearly 20% of ecommerce shoppers will choose it when given the option, and it already accounts for 70% of deliveries in parts of Europe and Asia.

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Adobe Adds New Integrations for Real Time CDP

March 22, 2023

Adobe is running its Summit conference this week, which means lots of product announcements.  Real-Time CDP has its share, including customer segments created by generative AI and various types of integrations with Merkle, Epsilon, LiveRamp, Adobe Commerce, Marketo Engage, Amazon Ads, and TikTok.  They also announced general availability of Privacy and Security Shield, a package of privacy features including HIPAA support.

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