Security And Bad Data Are Biggest Tech Headaches: @RainKing_Online Report

What else are people buying? RainKing continuously interviews decision makers to find out. They just released a Technology Spending Trends and Pain Points report that finds security spending is rising across all tech categories. The number of marketers suffering from bad data also rose sharply, from 50% to 57%. Or so says their press release: the promised email with my link to the actual report never arrived. Maybe you’ll have better luck.

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Appboy Connects with CDPs and Raises $50 Million

August 14, 2017

Appboy assembles customer data and executes cross-channel campaigns as customers move through different lifecycle stages. They’re big, processing more than 750 million active users per month. They’re getting bigger, having just raised a $50 million Series D, bringing total funding to $95 million. They’re getting more open, having recently announced connectors to feed data to Customer Data Platforms mParticle and Segment, as well as Amplitude and Amazon Redshift.

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Consumers Want Alignment of Physical and Digital Experience: CMO Council Survey

August 10, 2017

Chances are you also haven’t given much thought to physical product packaging, unless that’s your specialty. But the folks at Danaher have, since they own and several businesses related to it. They sponsored a CMO Council survey that found 66% of marketers believe their customers are very sensitive to alignment between physical and digital experience. Oddly enough, they didn’t ask how many actually achieve such alignment. But they did find that changes to physical presentation take much longer than digital changes. Duh.

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Most Marketing Ops Teams Are Centralized: Perkuto Study

August 15, 2022

Have you been debating whether marketing operations should be centralized or decentralized?  Neither have we, but it’s still interesting to learn that 59% of Marketo users told Perkuo their marops were centralized, 30% hybrid, and 5% decentralized.  More here on most- and least-used capabilities and most common weaknesses.  Is “marops” a thing?  “Markops” would be cooler, since it sounds like “marketing cops”.

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