Shogun Raises $67.5 Million Series C to Build Ecommerce Storefronts

Speaking of escape from oppressive regimes, e-commerce vendor Shogun has raised $67.5 million to help companies create alternatives to selling their products through Amazon and other marketplaces.   Shogun offers tools to build ecommerce storefronts that connect with platforms including Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce – putting the head in headless, as it were.   Shogun has now raised $114.5 million total.

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BigTech Pushes Back (Gently) Against Hong Kong Data Rules

July 7, 2021

Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter and other big tech players are pushing back against Hong Kong’s new data protection law, asking for clarifications in rules that could criminalize publishing personal data.  A June 25 letter from the Asia Internet Coalition said the companies might “refrain from investing and offering their services in Hong Kong” but later discussions made clear this is unlikely.

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VIZIO Announces Certifications for Addressable TV Ads

July 7, 2021

Connected TVs are another escape path from the walled gardens and (some) privacy constraints.  TV maker VIZIO has just certified several vendors for meeting the Open Addressable Ready (OAR) specifications for TV ad targeting.  VIZIO can serve ads on more than 11 million addressable TVs in the U.S.   OAR members include AMC Networks, Comcast NBCUniversal, Discovery Networks, Disney, EW Scripps, Fox, Hearst Television, Univision, ViacomCBS, VIZIO and WarnerMedia.

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Adwerx Raises $14.5 Million for Personalized B2B Ads

November 29, 2021

Adverx has just raised $14.5 million for “Customer Relationship Advertising,” which certainly sounds intriguing.  What they do is to generats personalized ads for individuals targeted by business-to-business sales teams, and then maks those ads “passively ‘follow’ each salesperson’s current clients and prospects (pulled from the CRM) as they browse the web and social media”.  Annoying and creepy and it probably works.

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