Shopper Search Shifting from Amazon and Search Engines to Walmart and TikTok: Jungle Scout Report

What must worry Google above all is the decline in search marketing itself.  You’ll recall we reported last week that search’s share of U.S. Internet ad spend has been falling.  Today I’ll add this Jungle Scout report that people are starting their online shopping searches less with “search engines” (presumably mostly Google) and Amazon, and more with Walmart and TikTok.  Yikes!

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Google Tests a New Advertiser Verification Badge

April 19, 2023

Google has a lot on its collective mind, from renaming its FLEDGE ad targeting API (now Protected Audience API) to watching another nine states join the anti-trust lawsuit   filed by eight other states and federal Department of Justice.   But they still had time to join the verification parade with a new, blue badge for advertisers.  The spread of verification seems to reflect a broad social worry about knowing who to trust, but maybe I’m over-thinking.

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