Signpost AI Suggests Campaigns for Small Business Marketers

There’s a story about two hunters sleeping in their tent when a hungry lion attacks. One starts to lace up his shoes and the other says, “You’re crazy. You can’t outrun a lion.” The other looks at him and calmly replies, “I only have to outrun you.” Replacing marketers with artificial intelligence is like that: AI doesn’t have be the best marketer possible but just better than the marketers it replaces. For small businesses, where marketing is often done poorly or not at all, the human competition is pretty weak. Marketing automation vendor Signpost, which serves over 7,000 small business clients, has taken up this challenge with a new offering that uses AI to analyze customer behaviors, find campaign opportunities, select suitable lists, create a draft email or text message, and present it to the client to edit or send with one click of a button. Part of Signal’s service is to collect email, phone, and purchase information about customers. It aggregates this data across clients to help its AI system understand behaviors and find campaign opportunities.