Simon Data Adds Option to Read External Sources

Simon Data has launched Activate, a no-code tool that lets marketers combine data from Snowflake and other sources to build profiles and customer segments.  This is an extension of Simons’s current Snowflake-based approach.  It puts Simon on-trend with other CDP vendors who are combining data in the CDP with data held in external systems.

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Half of CDPs Send Data to Enterprise Warehouse: Twilio Segment Report

January 25, 2023

This Twilio Segment report provides an inside-out view of industry trends, based on use of the Segment platform.  Key findings include growth among point solutions and data warehouses as consumers of CDP data, a year-on-year doubling of data deletion requests by consumers, and continued dominance of analytical over personalization applications.  Fun fact: 53% of Twilio Segment customers connect with a data warehouse destination.

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