Snowflake Computing Offers Data Sharehouse™

Snowflake Computing offers a cloud-based data warehouse. They’ve just announced a “Data Sharehouse™”, which is an awesome name if nothing else. But the product sounds interesting too: it makes it easy to share data with outside organizations or – sometimes even harder – between departments or divisions of the same organization. Key features include real-time access without data movement, tight control over data distribution, and both structured and semi-structured data storage.

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Marketers’ Interest Grows in Voice Assistants, Wanes in Wearables: Newbase Study

June 23, 2017

None of you read the studies we offered yesterday on consumer trends. Let’s see if you’re more interested in what marketers are thinking. We’ll start with this a poll from media agency Newbase. They compared marketers’ technology priorities in 2016 and 2017. Mobile devices topped the list in both years. Interest grew the most in voice assistants and artificial intelligence, and dropped the most in wearables, Internet of Things, and m-commerce. Remember Apple Watch?

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