Social Ad Growth Expected to Lag Other Digital Media: Insider Intelligence

Maybe Twitter’s ad revenue prospects would be limited no matter who was running it.  The analysts at eMarketer’s Insider Intelligence just their reduced their 2022 U.S. social ad spending estimate by $9 billion (12.4%.)  They do expect social ad revenue to grow, but slower than the digital ad industry as a whole.

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Twitter Rumored to Consider Requiring Users to Share Data with Advertisers

December 19, 2022

Not so long ago, deep thinkers wondered whether Twitter could be a type of alternative search engine.  Today, they’re more likely to ask whether Twitter will survive at all, given the erratic choices of its new owner.  Here’s a report that Twitter may require users to share location and other data for personalized ads, which is pretty much guaranteed to drive away a substantial number of members and could violate several major privacy rules.

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Qualtrics Adds More Event-Triggered Experience Flows

December 16, 2022

Qualtrics collects all types of experience data, including transactions as well as feedback, and combines it into unified customer profiles.  That sounds CDP-ish but their focus is on analytics that make sense of the data and workflows that trigger personalized experiences.  They just added three new workflow triggers based on changes in profile data, segment members, or transaction patterns.

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