Sprinklr Adds Salesforce CDP Integration

Sprinklr, which collects and classifies customer comments from social media, review sites, chat apps, and other external systems, has expanded its partnership with Salesforce to make it easier to load that data into the Salesforce CDP.  They also announced an agreement to work with Accenture to make it happen.  Sprinklr has already has partnerships with other CDP vendors including Adobe and SAP.

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Google Expands Third-Party Billing in Android Apps

November 14, 2022

Regulators are increasingly hostile to app store owners who require apps to funnel payments through the store owner’s payment system and pay a hefty commission for the privilege.  Apple has received most of the unwanted attention, but Google is in regulators’ sights as well.  Google has responded with a pilot program to allow third-party billing in Android apps.  It just expanded the pilot to include the U.S., European Union, and other regions.

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Amazon Backs Down on Charging Sellers Who Don’t Use Its Fulfillment Services

September 25, 2023

There’s probably no limit to Amazon’s greed – because capitalism – but there are constraints as governments regulate BigTech more aggressively and, just maybe, the free market works its wonders. Amazon cited “seller sentiment related to the fee” in its statement pulling back from its planned 2% fee on sellers who don’t use its Prime fulfillment services.  But looming antitrust cases likely had something to do with it.

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