Sprinklr announces local data hosting solution in Australia and New Zealand

Sprinklr, the unified customer experience management platform for modern enterprises announced its continued expansion in the Australia and New Zealand market with the launch of a local data hosting solution for the Sprinklr platform. Customers now have the option to host data in Australia through Sprinklr’s hosting services provider. The company also provides hosting solutions in the US, Europe and the UAE.

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Stability AI acquires Init ML, makers of Clipdrop application

March 9, 2023

Stability AI, the world’s leading open-source generative AI company, announces that it has acquired Init ML, makers of the globally popular imaging tool Clipdrop. The deal bolsters Stability AI’s drive to build best-in-class applications using its powerful open-source generative AI models. It also provides Clipdrop’s developers with advanced AI technology and computing power for its next generation of imaging tools.

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Flexera Buys Snow Software to Help Manage IT Spend

November 29, 2023

Do not confuse Snow Software, which helps companies track IT costs, with Snowflake, a cloud database often used for CDP-ish solutions.   Do take note that Snow has just been sold to Flexera, which also helps companies optimize their return on tech investments.  It’s a helpful reminder that cost-conscious IT departments are more than happy  to “help” marketers who are doing a poor job of controlling tech spend.

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