Stirista Launches B2B Identity Graph and Marketing Division

Many companies don’t have enough data of their own to build an effective identity graph or complete profiles.  Stirista fills the gaps with third party data, both by enhancing existing customer records and adding new contacts.  Stirista just launched Access B2B, a new division focused on B2B clients.  In addition to data, Stirista provides email and advertising campaigns.

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Celebrus CDP Adds Identity Graph Builder

May 26, 2021

D4t4 Solutions’ Celebrus CDP is offering its own system for matching first-party identifiers and assembling customer profiles based on the results.  It runs in real-time and takes advantage of Celebrus’ core technology, which collects detailed behavioral data without conventional Web site tags.  If you’re wondering about the name “D4t4”, it looks like “Data” if you print it in the right font and have had a pint or two.

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