Syncsort Purchased by Centerbridge Partners from Clearlake

Private investment firm Centerbridge Partners has purchased enterprise data management vendor Syncsort, which itself purchased data quality and identity management vendor Trillium in late 2016. The $1.26 billion transaction also includes disaster recovery expert Vision Solutions, which will be merged into Syncsort. Both firms had been owned by the Clearlake investment group. This continues the pattern of private investors buying and consolidating martech-related firms. Maybe this is the way the boom ends.

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Gravity4 Introduces AI-Based Digital Marketing Optimizer

July 7, 2017

Let’s catch up with news about AI in programmatic advertising.  Starting with a company the cutest name, Gravity4 has launched Mona Lisa, a digital assistant that forecasts which programmatic media channels will yield the best results.  She’s one smart lady, doing automated lookalike modeling, lead scoring, collaborative filtering, classification, regression, decision trees, recommendation engines, clustering, topic modeling and sequential pattern mining on data from 19 countries.  Gravity4 assembles customer data from social, CRM, email, mobile, and advertising apps based on at least fifteen acquisitions since 2014.

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ScopeMedia Offers Fashion Search App to Complete Outfits in Matching Style

July 5, 2017

Here’s another modern miracle: ScopeMedia has launched ScopeStyle, a “visual fashion discovery platform” that not only searches the Web for products similar to a photo you upload, but also finds complementary items to complete the outfit based on your style preferences. If you think about what’s required, it’s an awesomely impressive achievement for artificial intelligence. On the other hand, many of us have parents, friends, or spouses who offer similar critiques for free.

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Customer Data Platform Industry Adds New Vendors: CDP Institute Report

July 12, 2024

Software vendors continued to add Customer Data Platform (CDP) capabilities to existing systems in the first half of 2024, according to the CDP Institute’s latest Industry Update report.  Nearly all of the dozen companies appearing in the report for the first time started as marketing or messaging applications and added CDP capabilities after they were built.  These firms accounted for most of the industry growth during the report period.

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