Target Buys Grand Junction As Local Delivery Becomes New Battleground

Of course, all discussions of customer data come back to Facebook, Amazon, Google, and the handful of other mega-aggregators. As everyone else scrambles to compete, retailers have been looking to leverage their advantage in physical presence, through things like BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick up In Store) and same-day delivery. That’s why it matters that Target just purchased Grand Junction, a software platform that manages local deliveries. Also relevant: a Forrester study for American Express that found same-day delivery tops Gen Z and Gen Y consumers’ list of most desired retail innovations, outranking frictionless payment technology and greater social media interaction. Incidentally, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Netflix were among the top ten most loved brands in a NeteBase study, simply confirming that consumers are giving up their data voluntarily. Google ranked a lowly 29th.