The FCC Expands Oversight of Internet Service Providers

Marketers have been fretting about the threat of serious privacy regulations for decades, but nothing that really restricts their freedom ever seems to get passed. It looks like we may be facing an exception: The FCC just passed regulations that could actually prevent internet service providers from using personal behavior data without consent. Maybe if cable companies were slightly less unpopular it wouldn’t have happened. And maybe it will still get changed.

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Criteo Launches A New Approach to Search With Criteo Predictive Search

October 27, 2016

Criteo launched a new Predictive Search product that automatically optimizes paid search bids in Google Shopping campaigns based on user intent, device, and behavior as well as non-individual factors. One key enabler is Criteo’s Universal Match technology, which tracks anonymized users across all devices, browsers and apps. Criteo applies the same technology to personalize dynamic email, retargeting, social and mobile app advertising. So think of this as today’s good news story: yes, there are solutions to the challenge of identifying cross-channel behaviors.

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