The Trade Desk Aims to Build Partner Ecosystem

The Trade Desk is trying to set itself up as a platform at the center of a non-walled-garden adtech ecosystem, which is a tall order with potentially tall rewards.  They climbed a couple of steps on Monday by adding integrations with purchase data from Albertsons, Walgreens, and others; new indices to measure TV audience quality and reach; and a partner portal to simplify integrations with other adtech products.  They also added a bunch of AI-driven features to simplify programmatic media buying, but you’d expect that.


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Simon Data Announces It Can Read Snowflake Data Directly

June 8, 2023

Simon Data is a CDP that’s built on the Snowflake cloud database, which you might have thought they were in the “zero copy” camp already.  You would have been wrong until yesterday, when they announced a “connected segmentation feature” that reads a Snowflake warehouse directly.  It still requires mapping the Snowflake tables to a Simon schema and assumes the warehouse has tables coded with unique customer IDs, which most do not.

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Commonwealth Bank fine gets largest spam breach fine AU$3.5M (US$2.3M) from Australian regulator

June 8, 2023

The bank was fined by the Australian Communications and Media Authority for sending more than 65 million spam emails. A first batch of 61 million emails required recipients to log in if they wanted to unsubscribe, a second batch of 4 million were sent with no unsubscribe option, and a third round of 5000 were sent to people who had requested to unsubscribe.

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Salesforce Buys for Automated Customer Service

September 22, 2023

Salesforce is buying, which builds low-code, AI-powered e-commerce customer service agents.  You might have thought Salesforce could already do that, but presumably Airkit does it better.  It doesn’t hurt that the company founders sold a previous business to Salesforce, the company was partly funded by Salesforce Ventures, and the product is already listed on AppExchange.  Price was not announced.

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