The Trade Desk Offers Email-Based Unified ID for Ad Targeting

Ad buying platform The Trade Desk is offering the second version of its Unified ID, ditching cookies in favor of matching against a privacy-preserving encrypted ID derived from a Web site visitor’s email address. Obviously, the trick is convincing visitors to provide that. The other trick is convincing publishers to use Trade Desk’s ID, which they’re trying to do by offering it as an open source standard that anyone can apply.

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Adobe Bans Political Ads from Advertising Cloud

August 3, 2020

So, the #StopHateForProfit Facebook ad boycott happened with no meaningful impact on the company’s revenue but what our friends at The New York Times call “reputational harm”. Arguably more significant, Adobe announced it will join Twitter in banning all political ads in its Advertising Cloud. Not that were many to start with, but it’s another talking point for people who argue that ineffectively governed political advertising is worse than none at all.

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Advertima Raises $17 Million for Retail Computer Vision

July 30, 2020

Whatever you call the opposite of a trend, the term applies to the struggling world of in-store retail. That has to make things tough for computer vision specialist Advertima, which tracks shoppers as they move through physical space. Of course, they prefer to see opportunities, such as grab-and-go shopping without paying at a register. Somebody agrees, since they just raised $17 million, raising their total funding to $26 million.

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