TheyDo Raises €12 Million for Journey Analysis

TheyDo also collects customer data from all sources, builds profiles, and draws insights from the results.  So far as I can tell, they map journeys and measure results but don’t (yet) execute interactions.  This puts them roughly in the journey orchestration category, which has been almost empty since major independents Thunderhead, Pointillist, Kitewheel, and Usermind were all bought.  TheyDo just raised a €12 million ($12.7 million) Series A.

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Recast Raises $4.5 Million for Self-Service Marketing Mix Models

December 16, 2022

Recast somewhat grandiosely calls itself an “automated marketing data science platform”, although what they really do is marketing mix modeling and related forecasting, planning, and mix optimization.  Still, marketers can build models for themselves.  That’s kind of fun when the input data is available, which it often is not.  They just announced $3.4 million seed funding on top of a $1.1 million pre-seed raise.

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