Third-Party Data Use Remains Common for Ad Targeting: Datonics Study

Third-party data and third-party cookies are not the same thing. Just over half (53%) of the respondents to this Datonics study are using third-party data to target their programmatic ad audiences, from an average of 11.9 data providers. Much of that data will remain available after third-party cookies are gone. Still, 69% of the respondents are concerned that privacy changes will disrupt their activities.

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Many Companies Still Not Preparing for Cookie Deprecation: Adobe Research

March 17, 2023

Despite years of warnings, 75% of respondents to this Adobe survey still rely heavily on third-party cookies: 45% spend half or more of their budgets on cookie-based activations. A shocking 41% are still not working to develop cookie-free alternatives, even though over three-quarters say cookie deprecation will hurt their business and they recognize at least 30% of their potential market already exists in cookieless environments.

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