TripleLift Acquires 1plusX for First-Party Data

Ah, first-party data.  Everybody loves you.  That’s why programmatic adtech company TripleLift just spent a reported $150 million to purchase 1plusX, which enriches publisher first-party to create enhanced audience profiles.  TripeLift itself was bought one year ago by Vista Equity Partners.

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In Brief: Apple begs to differ, but Netherlands’ Authority for Consumer and Marketers (ACM) objects to the company not allowing local data apps to use payment technologies (other than Apple’s in-app payment system) – and the regulator has evolved a novel serial-fine strategy of weekly penalties to bring the company to heel

March 29, 2022

Now, on its 9th installment, the ACM has levied €45 million (of a maximum €50 million) in fines against Apple, payable if its demands are not met.

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Advertisers Target Audiences, Not Screens: Pubmatic Research

March 28, 2022

First-party data is also the punchline of this Advertiser Perceptions study on cross-screen video advertising, for Pubmatic.  Most (54%) of the publishers they surveyed said that advertisers care more about targeting audiences across screens than targeting on specific screens.  First-party data is what lets that happen.  Related: just 28% of programmatic ads are bought on the open market; others go through private marketplaces or negotiated deals, where more data is available.

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