Twilio Adds Direct Access to Warehouse Data

Twilio is kicking off its SIGNALS conference, which means we get a bouquet of product announcements.  Most relevant here is their hop onto the external data access bandwagon, with Zero Copy Architecture enabling direct access to data warehouse contents.  Other new features include generative AI-built customer journeys and support for new entities such as business accounts, subscriptions, and products.

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YouTube and UMG Set Framework for AI Use of Copyrighted Music

August 24, 2023

I originally wasn’t going to mention YouTube’s announcement of a new framework to govern use of music with AI systems, jointly developed with Universal Music Group, because the principles themselves are so vague.  But this Verge piece  clarifies the importance: basically, Google is recognizing music owners’ rights while avoiding other constraints on how it scrapes data from the web.  It’s one more skirmish in the ongoing, and critically important, battle over how use of intellectual property will be compensated.

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