Two-Thirds of Marketers Expect Privacy Rules to Change Marketing: Tapad Research

Two-thirds of marketers believe that privacy changes will require changes in customer strategy, according to this Tapad poll.  Most are in survival mode, ranking privacy compliance and data quality as more important objectives than personalization, trust, or finding a universal ID.  That doesn’t mean ID resolution is easy: 82% report they’ve had at least one problem with it.

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Self-Service Data Tools Used Less Often Than Leaders Think: Immuta Survey

August 16, 2021

Data professionals polled by Immuta were even more concerned about privacy and security rules: 84% said they expected these would limit access to data in the next 24 months.  This makes a bad situation worse, since 55% say data is often stale today before it reaches end users.   A bit of caution if you expect self-service tools to ease the problem: 71% of data professionals and 78% of business leaders think data consumers are using freemium cloud tools but just 63% of the consumers say they are.

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