Unstructured Data Is Key to CX Success: Forrester Study

Unstructured data looms as a bigger problem in this Forrester research for customer comment collector Reputation.  They found that 70% of digital marketing and CX decision-makers believe unstructured data is important in meeting CX goals, but 42% struggle to make sense of customer feedback.  Fun fact: respondents collect feedback from an average of six touchpoints and store it in 5.5 tools.

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Half of Companies Looking for New Data Platform: MIT Technology Review Survey

May 10, 2021

What’s the biggest data-related headache?  This Databricks-sponsored MIT Technology Review survey of chief data officers found that half are looking for a new data management platform, with greater scalability and processing speed as their top goals.  Access and quality were lower priorities: in fact, 66% said their analysts can already access all the data they need.  Adding new types such as real-time streams and unstructured data was their smallest concern.

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Half of Digital Transformation Efforts Have Hurt Company Profits: Report

May 10, 2021

Or maybe the biggest problem really is data sharing after all.  Planning system vendor als found that 99% of companies agree it’s important to share business planning data but 34% do it poorly.  They win the prize for conflicting answers: 95% of respondents said digital transformation is going well but 91% said they need to get more from their DT initiatives and 54% said DT problems have hurt their company’s bottom line.

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