Virtual Events Up 78%, Digital Ads Down 27%: NewsCred Survey

Seventy-eight percent of marketers expect to increase their spend on virtual events as a result of coronavirus, according to this NewsCred survey, while 27% expect to spend less on digital ads. My take: the focus is on telling stories, not pushing product. A whopping 87% said their entire marketing staff is working remotely.

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One-Third of Responders Seeing Fewer RFPs: Loopio Report

April 20, 2020

Consumer responses to the pandemic have been widely reported but less is known about B2B buyers. Here’s a survey from Loopio, which makes software that helps companies respond to RFPs. As of early April, 33% of respondents had seen a drop in the volume of RFPs they received and another 35% said it was too early to tell. Sixty percent were working from home for the first time although just 12% said remote RFP collaboration was a top challenge.

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Google Kills FLoC, Runs Out of Bird Metaphors, Offers Topics API

January 26, 2022

Google has given up on its FLoC cookie-less targeting initiative, which faced insurmountable privacy objections. The replacement, which mercifully does not reference anything bird-related, is Topics API, which will offer three recent interests for each individual based on sites they have recently visited.  The loss in targeting and tracking power is so huge that you wonder if Google is purposely showing what tighter privacy is costing the industry. Or maybe they’re just kneecapping competitors.

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