Walmart Joins Microsoft in TikTok Quest

In a mischievously terse, 91-word statement, Walmart yesterday said they will, or might, join Microsoft’s bid for TikTok. Walmart is aggressively growing its ecommerce and advertising businesses, so this announcement makes more sense than several other aspects of TikTok saga. Walmart was already expected to pass eBay this year to become the second-largest ecommerce company.

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Consumers Will Watch Ads in Return for Free TV: Unruly Report

August 31, 2020

Let’s peer today at life’s second-most interesting topic: consumer behavior. We’ll start with this Unruly report (that’s the company name; the report is well-behaved) on connected TV viewers. Headline finding is 73% of U.S. consumers would rather watch ads on free TV than pay for ad-free TV content. Times being what they are, consumers are even more likely to seek free options: 35% have tried a new ad-supported streaming service since the pandemic began and 79% plan to continue.

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