Weborama Tries to Outbid Amazon for Sizmek

In other corporate drama, European adtech vendor Weborama is trying to disrupt Amazon’s deal to buy Sizmek’s ad server and creative optimization tools. Since Sizmek’s bankruptcy overseers have already approved the Amazon deal and Weborama has no hope of outbidding Amazon, this looks like an attempt to boost the purchase price – or maybe just grab some publicity.

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Amazon Offers Its Own Personalization Models as a Service

June 12, 2019

Studies including this from Avionos, this from Deloitte, this from Yes Marketing, and this from all show that consumers care more about a convenient, low cost shopping experience than personalized recommendations. But, as this Sitecore study reports, marketers persist in believing the opposite. If you’re part of that majority, you’ll be thrilled that you can now use Amazon’s very own personalization algorithms on AWS. Cynics will see an Amazon plot to distract competitors from what’s really important. Optimists will argue that making personalization easy frees resources for other improvements.

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