Yelp to Sell Off-Site Ads Based on Visitor Behavior

Yelp doesn’t rely on surveillance-based advertising, but they’d like to change that. They have launched a program to target ads at Yelp visitors on non-Yelp platforms based on their Yelp activities. Yelp will serve the ads, so there’s not enough data sharing to break most privacy rules. Consumers may not agree: this recent Jebbit study found 53% of people object to personalized emails based on data they haven’t knowingly shared.

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Facebook Announces $1 Billion for Content Creators (But Read the Fine Print)

July 20, 2021

One billion dollars is pocket change at Facebook, which just pledged that amount to content creators in an eye-catching headline.  But the reality is less impressive: the money is spread across two years and among several convoluted Facebook and Instagram programs.  TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube already have similar programs involving hundreds of millions of dollars, so if Facebook hopes to buy its way to dominance, they’ll have to try harder.

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