Zaloni Expands the Data Lake

Head down the right stairway in the right alley in any big city and you’ll find a bar full of martech geeks listening to blues music and hotly debating the definition of Customer Data Platforms. As the night wears on, you might hear someone arguing that a CDP is really just a freakin’ data lake with some end-user access tools. The logo on that person’s hoodie might be Zaloni, which has just upgraded its Bedrock Data Lake Management Platform and Mica Self Service Data Platform to expand beyond Hadoop. Zaloni lets users access data in any location and build complex processes for ingestion, reformatting, and access. Arguing back will be someone pointing out that Zaloni doesn’t focus on marketing users or unifying customer data and anyway you’re ugly.

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Hootsuite Takes AdEspresso To Go

February 13, 2017

The distinction between social media and paid advertising is too clear, said no one ever. Doing its part to keep the waters muddy, social media management platform Hootsuite recently purchased social media ad campaign platform AdEspresso. Hootsuite had already partnered with AdEspresso and five other social advertising platforms last October to let marketers manage social media campaigns from within Hootsuite. AdEspresso itself goes beyond mere campaign management to automatically generate thousands of ad variants, test them, and optimize the results.

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Marchex Adds Facebook Ads to Phone Call Source Analysis

February 9, 2017

Marchex ties phone calls to the advertisements that generated them and to the resulting revenue. Or, as they put it, they offer an “omnichannel analytics cloud”. They’ve just added Facebook ads to their sources. Given the increasing role played by Facebook in advertising strategies, it’s kind of a big deal. But remember this is only tracking calls triggered by Facebook ads, not other Facebook activities. So there’s still a lot of missing information.

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