ZineOne Raises $28 Million for In-Session Personalization

ZineOne is yet another web personalization tool, specializing in personalized shopping experiences for anonymous website visitors.  Experiences can be tailored using in-session behavior can begin after as few as five clicks.  They just raised a $28 million Series C, bringing total funding to $43 million.

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Shopify Warns Merchants Against Amazon Buy with Prime

September 8, 2022

The e-commerce pie isn’t shrinking but growth has slowed as the pandemic tapers down and inflation heats up.  This puts Amazon and Shopify in tighter competition.  The latest skirmish is a warning to Shopify merchants that installing Amazon’s Buy with Prime button violates the Shopify Terms of Service and could lead to fraudulent orders, stolen customer data, incorrect charges, and hair loss.  Okay, they don’t mention hair loss but I think it’s implied.

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