Zoho bets big on marketing automation with a new platform

Zoho Corporation, one of India’s oldest SaaS (software-as-a-service) platforms, launched Zoho Marketing Plus, a platform that integrates marketing automation across campaign ideation, creation, execution, management, and measurement. The marketing platform gives marketing leaders a deeper understanding of customer preferences and behaviours, which would help them in driving brand affinity.

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IDFC Asset Management Company delivers personalised online customer experience with Salesforce

May 19, 2022

Within a decade of operations in India, IDFC Asset Management Company (AMC) has become one of the most trusted mutual fund companies. The integration with Salesforce has helped them to offer delightful customer experiences that moved beyond run-of-the-mill ads to meaningful and relevant content. They were able to automate email marketing, store large databases and produce meaningful reports of campaign performance.

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Amazon Backs Down on Charging Sellers Who Don’t Use Its Fulfillment Services

September 25, 2023

There’s probably no limit to Amazon’s greed – because capitalism – but there are constraints as governments regulate BigTech more aggressively and, just maybe, the free market works its wonders. Amazon cited “seller sentiment related to the fee” in its statement pulling back from its planned 2% fee on sellers who don’t use its Prime fulfillment services.  But looming antitrust cases likely had something to do with it.

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