Zoom Adds AI-Based Sales Conversation Analytics

This one is good news for sales managers, although phone agents might disagree.  Zoom has released an AI tool that analyzes sales conversations to extract useful, structured information and create metrics such as how often salespeople ask engaging questions and provide next steps, and how long they talk.  The feature, Zoom IQ for Sales, can also pull in data from Salesforce to give a more complete view of on-going client conversations.

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US government is being sued by privacy and immigrant advocacy groups

April 19, 2022

The groups are requesting information on how migrant data collected by the government’s department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is used. At issue is surveillance done by companies including BI Inc, which uses ankle monitors, and voice and facial recognition technology to monitor 200,000 migrants. The company, which is private, does not need to report what biometric and location data it collects via its Smartlink app, nor how it’s used or how long the data is retained.

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Microsoft Lets Publishers Block Bing Chat Separately from Bing Search

September 26, 2023

Nearly one-third of major news publishers have blocked generative AI tools from reading their content.   But that’s a drastic measure which could also exclude their results from conventional search engines.  Microsoft has just given publishers the option to block access by Bing Chat without also removing their content from search results.  We’ll see if competitors do the same.

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