ZoomInfo Adds B2B Intent Data

Intent data is one way to get an idea about future purchases. Business data compiler ZoomInfo is on the case, with a new set of B2B purchasing signals derived from ZoomInfo-owned Datanyze and other sources. Clients can get alerts for target accounts or companies in tightly defined market segments.

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Microsoft and Google Improve Zoom Alternatives

April 21, 2020

Widespread reports about Zoom security problems have given a second chance to competitors. Microsoft and Google are responding with minor tweaks. Google now lets users start a Google Meet session from within Gmail, while Microsoft promised (on Twitter) that Teams users will be able to see videos of up to nine chat participants by the end of April.

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Few Low Income Workers Can Work from Home: YouGov Research

April 17, 2020

It’s easy to forget that not everyone is working from home. This Yahoo News/YouGov poll brings the class divide into sharp focus: 66% of people without household income over $100,000 are working from home compared with 18% with incomes under $50,000. The lowest income brackets are half as likely to have paid sick leave (31% vs 68%) and twice as likely to fear they’ll lose their job in the next month (36% vs 18%).

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