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June 1, 2020

Just 7% of Marketing Departments Use Agile Methods

Just 7% of Marketing Departments Use Agile Methods: Digital.ai Survey


Marketing and sales departments lag in their adoption of agile techniques, according to this report from Digital.ai. Software development (37%) and IT (26%) were most frequent users, compared with 7% of marketing and 5% of sales and sales operations teams. Just 51% of respondents said agile is used by more than half of all teams in their company.

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Three-Quarters of Organizations Have Failed to Finish a Legacy Modernization Project: Advanced Report


Meanwhile, application modernization vendor Advanced reported that 85% of companies prefer agile for their modernization initiatives. Nearly three-quarters (74%) have previously failed to complete a modernization project but 98% intend to start a new one.

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Twitter Bots Push False Coronavirus Theories: Carnegie Mellon Study


Bots account for nearly half of the tweets about coronavirus and have pushed more than 100 false narratives on the topic, according to this Carnegie Mellon University study. Just a friendly reminder that much of what you see on social media is paid for by people aiming to do harm.

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