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November 11, 2020

Cheetah Digital Expands Personalization

Cheetah Digital Expands Personalization


Cheetah Digital has added real-time personalization, multi-step customer journeys, and intelligent offers to its suite of cross-channel engagement tools. The new tools enable Cheetah clients to orchestrate individually-tailored experiences across time and channels. It all sits on Cheetah’s CDP, which it calls an “engagement data platform”.

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FTC Slaps Zoom’s Wrist for Security Failures

Federal Trade Commission

Today’s Golden Denture Award for toothless regulation goes to the Federal Trade Commission for not fining Zoom after discovering Zoom didn’t offer end-to-end encryption as promised during the early stages of the current pandemic. The FTC did require that Zoom promise to try harder with steps including an annual risk assessment, vulnerability management program, and blocking use of security credentials it knows have been compromised. My kitten has a sharper bite.

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European Commission Says Amazon Improperly Used Third-Party Merchant Data

European Commission

European tech regulators have been more aggressive. Their latest act is a formal accusation by the European Commission that Amazon improperly used third-party merchant data on its platform to benefit Amazon’s own business. The Commission also announced a second probe into preferential treatment for Amazon’s own products and merchants who use Amazon fulfillment services.

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