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October 26, 2016

BloomReach Buys Hippo, Qubit Engine Finds Revenue, AES Offers Psychographic Persuasion

BloomReach Acquires Hippo to Build First Open and Intelligent Digital Experience Platform


BloomReach, a machine learning-based e-commerce recommendation platform, announced it has purchased Hippo, a personalized Web content management system.   Clearly they complement each other.  But in a world where everything is supposed to plug into everything else via APIs, it’s interesting to see what looks suspiciously like old-school product integration.  Are they telling us that API integrations aren’t quite as smooth as promised?

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Qubit Unveils New Machine Learning Engine to Automatically Uncover Revenue Opportunities for Data-Driven Marketers

Business Wire

Qubit has added machine learning engine that alerts marketers to segments with high potential value.  This extends Qubit’s existing digital experience management, which encompasses personalization, experimentation and optimization across email, Web, and other channels.  Qubit builds a unified customer profile to support all this, although they shy away from calling themselves a Customer Data Platform.

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Brand New Day HMO to Build Next Generation Member Experience Portal Using AES’ Psychographic Persuasion™ Technology

Apollo Enterprise Solutions

It’s clearly a good day for personalization.  Apollo Enterprise Solutions, which has a portfolio of advanced technologies for automate customer experience, announced it will use its “PsyBuild™ Psychographic Persuasion™” technology to build a Medicare enrollment Web site that tailors visitor experiences based on psychological principles.  It’s not 100% clear whether everyone recieves the same experience, but it seems there's at least a little variation.  If you have a spare three minutes, watch their funny/scary/tacky video explaining how things work on a level your eight-year-old can easily understand.

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