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May 23, 2018

All Aboard the GDPR Bandwagon

You seem to be interested in GDPR stories, Dear Reader. So here are a few more as we come closer to GDPR Day on Friday. (How are those party plans coming? Be sure to post pictures on Facebook!)

Google Plans to Support IAB’s GDPR Consent Framework


We’ll start with news that Google will integrate with the consent framework proposed by Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and IAB Tech Lab. Or not – suspicions among publishers run high, according to Digiday. As you may recall, the IAB wants Web sites to pop up a list of partners that visitors consent to receiving their data. Publishers didn’t find this very appealing in the first place but it would probably work well for well known and relatively trusted brand like Google.

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GDPR Trust Seal Certifies Nothing in Particular

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Confusion about GDPR opens some interesting opportunities. Here’s an announcement from something calling itself the European Center for GDPR Certification, which has launched a “Consumer Privacy Trust Seal”. They are definitely not a government agency and state clearly that “our function is not to certify businesses”. They do offer Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum versions of the seal, which makes very little sense if you think about it.

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Arcadia Data Positions Data Visualization as GDPR Tool

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Visual analytics vendor Arcadia Data is also jumping on the GDPR bandwagon. You might find the connection tenuous but they do have data security and governance features that could help with GDPR compliance. David Meerman Scott calls this “newsjacking”. Many firms are doing it.

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