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May 29, 2018

GDPR Disrupts Programmatic Ads in Europe

GDPR Disrupts Programmatic Ad Market in Europe


Programmatic ad buying in Europe has been disrupted by incomplete preparations for GDPR, which went into effect on Friday. Some publishers have stopped accepting programmatic ads and Google has stopped placing ads through third party exchanges. Ads can still be placed through Google’s own DoubleClick Bid Manager. Google will allow more inventory once it completes its integration with the IAB’s consent framework, something it apparently didn’t start working on until quite recently. It’s unclear whether marketers’ results will be hurt by the disruption and a safe bet that consumers won’t care at all.

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EU ePrivacy Rules Could Further Limit Data Gathering

Business Insider

The dust hasn’t settled on GDPR but attention is already turning to the next set of European Union privacy rules, known as ePrivacy. This protects communications and in particular will restrict ability for companies to capture metadata such as location. It also imposes stricter rules on data security. Implementation is being delayed as details are worked out amid lobbying by tech firms, privacy advocates, and others.

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Alexa Accidentally Makes and Shares Private Recording

The Drum and TechCrunch

Here’s a little reminder of what could go wrong: a Portland woman found her Alexa device had sent a recording of her private conversation to an email contact without permission. (Portlandia fans will be especially amused.) Amazon found the device was functioning properly but misunderstood background noises as instructions. Related: researchers have found they can embed undetectable smart device voice commands within recorded songs. Remind me again why we need these devices?

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