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May 30, 2018

LiveRamp Launches Data Quality Scoring Service

LiveRamp Launches Data Quality Scoring Service with Lucid

Business Wire

Let’s follow up today on stories we’ve covered earlier. Remember that mini-trend of data quality scoring services? LiveRamp has announced its own scoring initiative, focused more on quality than lawful consent. Its first partner will be Lucid, which will check data sources against Lucid’s panel of survey respondents. Irony alert: quality measures are becoming available just as the entire notion of buying lists is under attack for privacy reasons.

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GDPR Confusion Continues


Ramifications of GDPR continue to play out. Several U.S. publishers have blocked access to their sites from within the EU. Washington Post has given visitors a forced choice between free access with data sharing and paid access without. It’s not clear this is permitted under GDPR but we’ll soon find out. We also have a separate story that German publisher Axel Springer has released a free, open source consent management tool, providing a publisher-friendly alternative to the one from Google.

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Search Language Reveals Intent: Northwestern University Research


One GDPR-induced crisis is resolved: Jamie, our Department of the Obvious intern, is back at work despite his scandalous behavior at our GDPR Day party last week. He offers this study from Performics, Microsoft, and Northwestern University, proving that search queries with terms like “shop” indicate that someone is interested in buying things. You read it here first.

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