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November 7, 2018

Consumers Won't Swap Data for Personalization

Consumers Won't Exchange Data for Personalization: GlobalWebIndex


Marketers who argue that consumers should consent to share their personal data because they’ll get better-targeted advertising should think again, according to this survey from GlobalWebIndex. Only 16% of respondents said personalized ads or recommendations would motivate them to share data, compared with 37% citing discounts and a whopping 53% saying because they trusted the company in the first place. Interesting data here on other topics, too.

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Consumers Don’t Trust Brand Promises: Clear Strategy

Clear Strategy

How bad is the trust problem? Well, strategy agency Clear found that 52% of consumers never take anything brands say at face value. Nearly one third (32%) say the gap between promises and experience is getting bigger. Almost one-fifth (18%) say they stopped using a brand in the past year because of broken promises.

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Online Ads Miss Their Targets: Janrain Survey


Consumers are underwhelmed by what they get for the data they already share: in this survey from identity management vendor Janrain, just 18% said online ads “often” seem to understand what they want while although 47% offered a grudging “sometimes”. Voting with their fingers, 71% said they’d downloaded software to protect their data privacy or otherwise control their Web experience. Two-thirds (66%) said they want more government regulation protecting their privacy while 55% 55% said they’d permit use of some data in return for clear benefits. A hefty 36% wouldn’t share anything if they had the choice.

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