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December 19, 2016

Iterable Raises $23 Million; Artificial Reality Growing Very Quickly; Adobe Launches TV Ad Planning Platform

Iterable Raises $23 Million to Grow Its Outbound Marketing System


Iterable assembles customer data from multiple sources and lets marketers use to define segments, create lists, and run campaigns with email, text, mobile push, or in-app messages.   That’s far from all channels – Web, anyone? – but more than flat lists for email.  It just raised $23 million to further its growth. 

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Market for Artificial Reality Apps Will Grow More Than 74% Per Year: Technavio


The market for augmented reality and virtual reality apps will grow more than 74% per year through 2020, according to research from Technavio.   I expect marketers will combine these technologies with data to give customers a “personal reality” that is much nicer than the real world.  And to sell them stuff. 

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Adobe Launches TV Ad Planning Platform


We recently reported about Lotame measuring TV audiences with individual data from Smart TVs, even though advertisers still had to buy ads that reach everyone who views a show.  Here’s something similar from Adobe, which is using data from other devices to understand who’s watching.  Adobe’s “TV Media Management Platform” is also provides advanced forecasting to help media planning.  It's always nice to see martech and adtech working together, if only so I can call it “madtech”.

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