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August 2, 2019

IgnitionOne Adds Consulting Group

IgnitionOne Adds Consulting Group


IgnitionOne, a CDP with strong adtech roots, has launched a media consultancy to offer full-service operation of its platform. They position it as helping in-house staff at companies that have replaced outside marketing agencies.

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Datawrkz Launches Ad-Oriented Customer Data Platform


Datawrkz, a programmatic media buying agency, has launched what it calls a Customer Data Platform to feed first-party data into its Demand Side Platform. It seems to meet RealCDP criteria for pulling in all data types and building unified profiles, but not necessarily for long-term retention and easy external access. Either way, it’s a good illustration of why a standard Data Management Platform (DMP) isn’t enough to take full advantage of first party data.

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SugarCRM Builds Unified Data Platform with Applications on Top


SugarCRM is also touting unified data, in the form of its new “Intelligent Customer Experience platform, which unifies disparate data into a single 'time aware' customer data model.” It just announced platform-based applications for marketing automation, sales automation, and customer service and will likely add others in the future. They don’t call their platform a CDP but it might qualify.

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